Russia’s Shocking Offer To Solve The “Collusion Scandal” Once And For All

Vladimir Putin offered Wednesday to help settle the controversy over claims President Trump shared classified intel with Russian diplomats.

Railing against “dangerous” U.S. politicians whipping up “anti-Russian sentiment,” the Russian president dismissed the claim that Trump disclosed such information to Kremlin officials and offered to hand over records of an Oval Office meeting to Congress.

Speaking during a joint news conference with the Italian prime minister, Putin said those attacking Trump for allegedly being too cozy with Russian politicians were guilty of “political schizophrenia.”

Putin said – if the White House agreed – that he would share his records of a meeting Trump had last week with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in which it was reported Trump blurted out sensitive information given to the White House by Israeli intelligence. Making light of the situation, Putin said he would have to reprimand Lavrov since the alleged intelligence was never passed along to him.


Originally published by Fox News.