Congressman Fears That North Korea Could Smuggle A Nuke Using This Dirty Trick

A Democratic congressman expressed worry about leaders in North Korea using a “bale of marijuana” to smuggle a nuclear device into the U.S Thursday.

California Rep. Brad Sherman made the odd comment following a classified briefing at the White House Thursday. Sherman, who serves as the ranking Democratic member of the House Asia Subcommittee, seemed to imply the U.S. is not focusing enough attention on border security and the issue of drug smuggling, which he argues is a national security threat, reports Business Insider.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Coast Guard are involved in regular drug interdictions and seizures coming in from Central and South America as well as Asia and the Middle East. Despite the recent missile tests by North Korea related to its nuclear program, Sherman wants to remind Americans about other tactics Kim Jong Un could employ.

“I raised two issues: No. Korea could smuggle nuke into U.S. rather than use ICBM,” Sherman said on Twitter Thursday. “Could smuggle inside a bale of marijuana and might sell nukes to Iran, which has billions of hard currency. Waiting for answers.”


Originally published by the Daily Caller.