Illegal Gang Member Gets What He Deserves

After more than two years of legal wrangling, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in San Antonio have finally deported a violent illegal immigrant mass murderer.

Santiago Humber Rodriguez-Aparicio, 41, is a member of the brutal street gang MS-13 in the United States, and is suspected of three murders in his native El Salvador.

Rodriguez-Aparicio had already been deported by the U.S. federal government twice, back in 2007 and 2012. Authorities are, presumably, hoping the third time is the charm.

Rodriguez-Aparicio most recently returned to the United States in March 2015, but was caught while trying to cross the border in Hidalgo, Texas.

After serving time in federal prison, Rodriguez-Aparicio was finally transferred into ICE custody, and was put on a plane back to El Salvador. They turned Rodriguez-Aparicio over to El Salvador’s Civilian National Police. He faces three murder charges in El Salvador.

But Rodriguez-Aparicio was no saint in the United States either. In addition to his membership in MS-13, he was arrested in Las Vegas in 2009 for unlawfully carrying a firearm, spending 41 months in federal prison.

Originally published by Trump Train News.