Christian Bale Accused President Trump of Reading This Book

Actor Christian Bale believes the “science is settled” on man-made climate change and fears that Donald Trump’s criticism of the press might lead the U.S. on a path to dictatorship. While promoting his role as an American Associated Press reporter in The Promise, a $100 million historical drama about the Ottoman government’s role in the Armenian Genocide, Bale told the Daily Beast that society is in a “post-truth era.”

“People are questioning facts, which is nuts,” the Oscar-winner said. “I liken it to the ‘debate’ on climate change. There’s no debate! The science is settled. But people continue to do this smokescreen and pretend that there’s a debate, you know?”

Asked about how a free press is always constrained under tyrannical dictatorships, Bale said it’s “worrying, isn’t it, for us right now?”

“It’s like we’re watching somebody reading a ‘Dictatorship for Dummies’ book,” the American Psycho star said.

Originally published by Breitbart.