Megyn Kelly Drops Major Bombshell About Bill O’Reilly

Megyn Kelly’s tenure at Fox News may have ended, but the details surrounding her time at the network are still coming to light. The former host for the Conservative news channel, who will soon begin a new roster of shows with NBC, formerly spoke out against network chairman Roger Ailes, alleging sexual harassment in her 2016 book, Settle for More.

Her colleague at the time Bill O’Reilly, who himself is currently embroiled in a sexual-harassment scandal following reports from The New York Times that he and the network paid over $13 million in settlements to former female staffers, took exception to Kelly’s remarks about the network and boss Ailes. “I’ve had enough of it. It’s a good place to work, all right?” The O’Reilly Factor host said in a 2016 interview with CBS This Morning, saying, “It’s open season, ‘Let’s whack the Fox News Channel.’ ”

He added that he had no interest in discussing a topic that “makes my network look bad.”

Kelly responded to the comments by sending a frustrated email to Fox News executives, saying O’Reilly’s words and behavior could have a damaging effect on women working at the company and others across the country, according to reports by the Times.

Originally published by Hollywood Reporter.