Machete-Wielding Refugee Rapes Woman, Makes Boyfriend Watch

A refugee from Ghana was arrested—after raping a young German woman in a campground, and forcing her boyfriend to watch.

The couple had been camping in the Siegaue Nature Reserve in southwestern Germany. They were in their tent when they were approached by a 31-year-old Ghanian refugee, wielding a machete.

The refugee dragged the woman from the tent, in order to rape her. Her boyfriend was threatened with the machete—and forced to watch his girlfriend be raped.

After the horrific attack, the boyfriend contacted police and his girlfriend was rushed to the hospital. The refugee was later arrested in nearby Siegburg, after a local recognized him from a police sketch. DNA testing from the girlfriend’s rape kit matched the attacker.

Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan to open her nation’s doors to refugees from around the world, Germany has struggled to contain violent crime.

Recent polls show that the majority of Germans now think their nation should stop taking immigrants altogether—and that they should deport asylum seekers too. And as stories of gruesome attacks like the one at the Siegaue Nature Reserve continue to come to light, public opposition to immigration will likely rise even further.

Originally published by American Action News.