GREAT AGAIN: Trump Approves Plan that Will Create Thousands of Jobs


After years of Obama administration stalling meant to apppease psychotic, earth worshipping tree huggers, the wait is over. This week, the Trump administration gave final approval for the construction of the Keystone pipeline. As Townhall reports:

“In making his determination that issuance of this permit would serve the national interest, the under secretary considered a range of factors, including but not limited to foreign policy; energy security; environmental, cultural, and economic impacts; and compliance with applicable law and policy,” State said of under secretary Tom Shannon’s decision to issue the permit Friday.

Having served as the CEO of Exxon-Mobile, the U.S.’s largest oil company, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had recused himself from the process.

The permit comes two months after President Trump signed an executive order to revive the project after former President Obama rejected it in 2015.

“This is a significant milestone for the Keystone XL project,” Russ Girling, president TransCanada Corp., said in a statement. “We greatly appreciate President Trump’s Administration for reviewing and approving this important initiative and we look forward to working with them as we continue to invest in and strengthen North America’s energy infrastructure.”

This is great news. In addition to providing thousands of temporary construction jobs, the pipeline would expand oil flow to America’s refinery regions, likely creating more longterm jobs and economic benefits in those regions. That it would expedite and expand the delivery oil means it’s likely to assert a downward pressure on prices, helping American families save money.

That’s to say: It’s about time.



Originally published by American Action News.