Did This American “Ally” Just Call for a Holy War?

The last time there was a war between “the cross and the crescent” in Europe, Poland’s John Sobieski sent thousands of Muslims running from the gates of Vienna, never to return.

That was then. Now, secular, welfare dependent Europeans are trying to take their countries back from the Islamic refugees who have moved into their countries and rejected European culture and values. This week, the EU banned headscarves, and Turkey’s Islamist friendly leader, Tayyip Erdogan, is furious. As Breitbart notes:

In addition to his customary invective against European governments for refusing to allow his ministers to rally Turkish expatriates behind him, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that the EU’s new ban on headscarves in the workplace would launch “a struggle between the cross and the crescent.”

“Where is the liberty of religion? They have commenced a struggle between the cross and crescent. There is no other explanation than this. I am saying this clearly: Europe is heading toward the days just before World War II,” said Erdogan, as rendered by Hurriyet Daily News.

Euractiv transcribes Erdogan’s quote as, “The European Union’s court, the European Court of Justice, my esteemed brothers, have started a crusade struggle against the crescent,” which would be even more incendiary. Jihad and Islamist groups perpetually accuse Western powers of conducting another “crusade” against Muslims.

“Shame on the EU. Down with your European principles, values, and justice,” Erdogan told his supporters.

If only Erdogan were right. But given the state of modern Europe, with a few exceptions, this is more like a battle between sex toy and crescent. The scarf ban is a start, but it’s going to take more than that. Until Europeans rediscover their rich heritage and abandon their morally bankrupt ways, Islam will continue to fill the void.


Originally published by American Action News.