Conservative Talk Radio Star Attacked in Public, Bloodied

Michael Savage has been a conservative talk radio superstar for decades now. The man was pushing borders, language, and culture before Donald Trump ever decided to run for president, and so it wasn’t surprising when he was an early rider on the Trump Train.

Despite his rock ribbed conservatism, Savage has always chosen to make his home in a city he calls San-Fran-sicko. Long term Savage listeners have heard the host discuss his love/hate relationship with the Bay area for decades. Those of us who have come to know and love Dr. Savage were less than pleased to hear this San Francisco tale. Per World Net Daily:

On the day he launched his new book about the fierce, sometimes violent, opposition to Donald Trump, radio talk-show host Michael Savage was assaulted by a stranger at a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant.

Savage, with his dog, Teddy, was finishing up dinner Tuesday night at Servino Restaurant in Tiburon, California, north of San Francisco, when the unnamed assailant charged up to Savage and began yelling, reported local media blogger Rich Lieberman.

The attacker kicked the poodle out of the way, grabbed Savage and threw him to the ground, according to an eyewitness.

Savage was not seriously hurt, but the incident left him bloodied and shaken, Lieberman said.

This is absolute madness, but unfortunately, it’s becoming a part of life for Bay Area conservatives. We wish Dr. Savage and Teddy a speedy recovery, and we hope the animal who perpetrated this vicious assault gets the justice he deserves.

PS: Here’s Savage discussing the riots in Berkeley several weeks back, where liberal animals assaulted Trump supporters. We wonder if his attacker was there:


Originally published by American Action News.