Wikileaks Reveals Clinton Plot to Dump Trump

Julian Assange, the controversial founder of Wikileaks, just dropped a bombshell about Hillary Clinton’s plans to impeach Trump—and replace him with Vice President Mike Pence.

On Tuesday morning, Assange tweeted: “Clinton stated privately this month that she is quietly pushing for a Pence takeover. She stated that Pence is predictable hence defeatable.”

Assange soon followed up that Hillary isn’t his only source for this information: “Two [intelligence] officials close to Pence stated privately this month that they are planning on a Pence takeover. Did not state if Pence agrees.”

Pence, for his part, gave a strong denial that he was at all involved in any liberal plot to elbow Trump out of the way.

“I would find all of that dialogue to be absurd and frankly offensive,” Pence said Tuesday afternoon, in an interview with radio host Laura Ingraham. “It is the greatest honor of my life to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with the 45th President of the United States. To see his leadership every day, to see the compassion that he has for the American people every day. I would dismiss that out of hand and tell you that I’m just, I’m so excited about the progress that we’ve been made strengthening this country, protecting this country, reviving this country’s economy and all credit goes to President Donald Trump.”

Assange has not yet released any hard evidence, other than his tweets, to back up his claims about Clinton and the intelligence community working in tandem to end Trump’s presidency early.


Originally published by American Action News.