GREAT AGAIN: Unlikely Ally Praises Trump for Saving American Jobs

Donald Trump has earned praise from an unlikely ally, and it could bode well for his 2020 campaign. As the Free Beacon reports:

AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka praised President Donald Trump on Friday for keeping jobs in the United States.

While appearing on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily, Trumka was asked what he thought of Trump working to keep jobs from moving overseas, as he did with the air conditioning manufacturer Carrier.

“What do you make of what he’s done with Carrier? What do you make of some of these deals?” MSNBC host Chuck Todd asked. “Some will say, ‘oh, it’s a little blustery,’ but he seems to be making a rhetorical effort and he seems to be picking up the phone and some of these companies seem to be a little nervous.”

“Man, I applaud him for every one. Every job that we save in this country for an American worker, particularly a good paying, middle-class producing job, it is exceptionally well done,” Trumka said. “So we’re happy that that happened.”

This is a good sign. The AFL-CIO is never going to become a Republican powerhouse, but Trump’s embrace of economic nationalism and commitment to investing in American infrastructure could take the issue, and the group, off the table for any Democrat who seeks to challenge him in 2020.

Originally published by American Action News.